Adventurers rely on skill. They train, and research, and practice; if they do so diligently, they stand a far greater chance of survival than they otherwise might. But despite all of this, sometimes an untrained yokel with no experience and a little bit of style can succeed where time-tested adventurers have failed. The reason for this is simple: the universe pays attention. It watches, and doles out luck—good and bad—to those who catch its eye. And it can be courted. Those who are especially daring, or heroic, or devoted often find things falling into place for them. Simply put, they make their own luck.

Each character starts out with a number of karma points equal to their Cha modifier (minimum 1). As a free action, a player may spend one karma point before any d20 roll they are about to make—an attack, a skill check, a save, etc. This point is spent before the roll is made, and cannot be taken back once the die is rolled. A d6 is rolled, and the results of that roll are added to the d20 roll. Only one karma point can be spent on each roll.

Alternately, one point of karma may be spent at any point during a players turn to gain an additional move action. Only one move action may be purchased this way per turn.

Lastly, a point of karma may be spent by a dying character as a free action on their turn to automatically stabilize themselves.

At the end of each game play session, karma points are doled out to each player based on their character’s performance during the session. One point (or, rarely, more) is awarded for each category in which the DM feels the character has excelled. The categories are as follows:

  • Ingenuity—the player solved a problem in a creative, unexpected way.
  • Heroism—the character acted in a suitably heroic manner.
  • Roleplaying—the player made choices in a way consistent with their character.
  • Epic-ness—the character did something in a suitably epic or larger-than-life manner.

In addition, each character gets a point of karma at the end of every play session they are present for, and one point on leveling up.


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